Legal structure

INGKA Foundation is an independent Dutch legal entity that owns itself. As a Dutch foundation, INGKA Foundation does not and cannot have any shareholders or other types of legal owners.

INGKA Foundation also does not have any beneficial owners but holds its assets only on its own behalf. This means that nobody is entitled to the assets of the Foundation. Our funds can be spent only in pursuit of our charitable purpose.


Our board of directors is our ultimate decision-making body. The board has five seats and each board member has one vote.

The Kamprad family

In line with the intentions of our founder, Ingvar Kamprad, the Kamprad family can occupy up to two of the five seats on the INGKA Foundation board. That means that the family can be involved in the Foundation, but it does not control the Foundation. Our funds can be spent only in pursuit of our charitable purpose and can never be spent for the benefit of the Kamprad family.

The Kamprad family carries on Ingvar Kamprad’s legacy by being strong cultural ambassadors.


INGKA Foundation has ten co-workers working on governance, finance, cash management, IT Information and Security, administration and office operations.


Management and Board

Mijke van Breda


Anders Moberg

Board Member

Johan Kuylenstierna

Chairperson of the Board

Jonas Kamprad

Board Member

Krister Mattsson

Board Member

Peter Kamprad

Board Member