Our Charitable Purpose

INGKA Foundation’s purpose is to further, without pursuing any profits, a better everyday life for the many people in need. We achieve this purpose by funding the IKEA Foundation, which is committed to helping children and families living in poverty afford a better everyday life while protecting the planet.

3 farmers

One Acre Fund and the IKEA Foundation are working together to reach 1.25 million smallholder farmers in Rwanda and Kenya by 2023, helping them create better livelihoods from planet positive agriculture. © One Acre Fund

Where does our funding go?

In pursuit of our charitable purpose, INGKA Foundation funds the activities of the IKEA Foundation. We are the IKEA Foundation’s sole funder. However, we are never involved in the IKEA Foundation’s charitable activities or decision-making.

The IKEA Foundation is an independent Dutch foundation founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1982. It focuses solely on carrying out philanthropic work, and its purpose is identical to ours: creating a better everyday life for the many people.

With its primary focus on children and youth, the IKEA Foundation is committed to helping families living in poverty afford a better everyday life while protecting the planet. It works with a significant number of partners and supports programmes that aim to create a future where the many people can thrive.

To learn more about the achievements of the IKEA Foundation and its partners, please visit the IKEA Foundation website.

5 kids sitting underneath some solar panels

By supporting small, local renewable-energy initiatives, SELCO Foundation is helping children and their families have healthier homes and enjoy better healthcare and educational opportunities. The IKEA Foundation supports SELCO Foundation’s work in India. © Vivek Muthuramalingam / SELCO Foundation

Where does the funding come from?

Our funding originates as dividends from the INGKA Group, which we own.

When we receive dividends from INGKA Group, we choose to transfer the funds to IMAS Foundation, an organisation founded in 1998 by Ingvar Kamprad. IMAS Foundation has the same charitable purpose, but it specialises in creating long-term returns on financial assets. At INGKA Foundation, we have a very long-term perspective, and we realise the importance of long-term returns for sustaining an attractive level of charitable support.

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